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3 Keys to Improve My Employability

Tony Balogh – atonyba@hotmail.com, Guest Blogger Landing a new job is never a fun task.  It’s stressful, intimidating, and the epitome of the “you only get one chance to make a great first impression.”  I moved from Seattle to Phoenix in 2016 for family, and working remote at my previous employer was not an option. […]

Not A Boring Blog Update, 10

A collection of the most interesting news from across the interwebs. Peruse… discuss… share… #Aerospace What a big week for private space travel! Virgin Galactic rolled out #SpaceShipTwo Here’s a view of the big moment from Guy Norris of Aviation Week. #Tech It’s an exciting week in Sin City with #IBMinterConnect opening. If you can’t make it […]

New Year’s Resolutions: Just Don’t

Why is it that when we wake up on January 1st we think we are going to miraculously become perfect in every way? Often we have high hopes for ourselves come the New Year: No eating after dinner, sweets are out of the question, work out for 2 hours every day, take time to meditate/pray […]

Mastering the Art of the Job Interview

Be ready for any interview By Travis Sibley President, SinglePoint Staffing As a Recruiting professional I am involved with the interview process, with our clients and candidates, on a daily basis. I hear all of the craziest and off-the-wall answers imaginable. I could share many of them but that would take too long (maybe another […]

Not A Boring Blog Update, 4

A collection of the more interesting news from across the interwebs. Peruse… discuss… share… #Wearables: #SocialMedia is buzzing with a #Wearables head-scratcher. So what’s the deal with designing a luxury watch attached to an #AppleWatch? Here’s Macworld’s coverage: #Wearables changing lives is the focus of this cool tweet from TheNewBionics. A 3D printed prosthetic foot: […]

3 Keys to Achieving Balance

Brenda Sibley is the CEO of SinglePoint Staffing. We often wonder how she juggles running a business and family while managing her running and volunteering. This blog entry is a chance for her to share her secret with hopes it will help you on your journey towards a balanced, successful, happy life. As a young […]

Top 5 Ways to Get Your Resume Noticed

SinglePoint Staffing experts offer guidelines to avoid some of the most common mistakes that cost a good candidate a great career opportunity. Remember this guy? Forever the “Agony of Defeat” guy from ABC’s Wide World of Sports? Pay attention! We’re going to help you avoid being the job search equivalent. 5) Unlock the Key(words): I […]

Not A Boring Blog Update, 3

A collection of the more interesting news from across the interwebs. Peruse… discuss… share… No need for Sharknado 3, there was real shark action playing out this week and there is tech working to prevent shark attacks like the one caught on live television. Did you see the close call by pro surfer Mick Fanning? […]

Not A Boring Blog Update, 1

A collection of the more interesting news and notes from across the interwebs. Peruse… discuss… share… #Tech It looks like the Swiss are flying into position with drones before many in the rest of the world. Check out this from Gizmodo: “@Gizmodo: Drone delivery services might hit the Swiss Alps first: http://t.co/Z8UN86rs1l pic.twitter.com/1iVWKMwoFP“ — SinglePoint […]

The One Page Resume

By: Travis Sibley, SinglePoint Staffing Whose idea was this anyway? It seems that around 10 years ago this became the in vogue thing to do with resumes – cram all of your experience onto one page. In the years since, I have seen some very creative methods of listing many years of experience on one […]