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Not A Boring Blog Update: ‘Twas 2 Weeks Before Christmas Edition

‘Twas two weeks before Christmas, time for a blog that’s not like the other stuff. All sorts of news and notes about great gifts and gadgets, bitcoin and robots, and jobs (of course there’s also fluff). Enjoy this special edition of our Not a Boring Blog Update: The world is talking about Bitcoin right now. […]

Two lessons from the Grand Canyon: Preparation and Perseverance

As we head into the holiday season, some candidates may lighten up on the job search. Perhaps they think that companies are not hiring now or they don’t want to start a new job and immediately take vacation days. Don’t let up! Companies are hiring now and through the holidays. Many companies have recently begun […]

Not A Boring Blog Update, 11

A collection of the most interesting news from across the interwebs. Peruse… discuss… share… In honor of the 100th running of the #Indy500 this weekend, we wanted to bring you some cool tech stories connected to The Greatest Spectacle In Racing. #Tech #ESPN Sports Science covered the amazing story of  Sam Schmidt’s return to racing after […]

Not A Boring Blog Update, 9

A collection of the more interesting news from across the interwebs. Peruse… discuss… share… #Wearables Did you see this big news in wearables? #Tech Here’s a cool look through the eyes of a self driving car:  #Jobs We have a couple of great Performance Engineer openings available. Click on the pic for the full ad […]

Mastering the Art of the Job Interview

Be ready for any interview By Travis Sibley President, SinglePoint Staffing As a Recruiting professional I am involved with the interview process, with our clients and candidates, on a daily basis. I hear all of the craziest and off-the-wall answers imaginable. I could share many of them but that would take too long (maybe another […]

Not A Boring Blog Update, 8

A collection of the more interesting news from across the interwebs. Peruse… discuss… share… #Wearables TechCrunch looks at a cool use for wearables… Google Glass as a way of helping autistic children. #TimeTravel #BackToTheFutureDay brought a lot of great tweets but maybe none as clever as this from #DARPA: #Jobs Does your future include landing […]

How to Land that Tech Job Blog, 1

Advice, ideas, insight and interesting stuff to chat about as you try to land a great gig. We place a lot of Code Writers but this story really emphasizes something we’ve noticed: even if it’s not a “Code” job you’re seeking, this skill can make the difference between landing a gig and wishing you had […]

Not A Boring Blog Update, 1

A collection of the more interesting news and notes from across the interwebs. Peruse… discuss… share… #Tech It looks like the Swiss are flying into position with drones before many in the rest of the world. Check out this from Gizmodo: “@Gizmodo: Drone delivery services might hit the Swiss Alps first: http://t.co/Z8UN86rs1l pic.twitter.com/1iVWKMwoFP“ — SinglePoint […]