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How to Land that Tech Job Blog, 1

Advice, ideas, insight and interesting stuff to chat about as you try to land a great gig. We place a lot of Code Writers but this story really emphasizes something we’ve noticed: even if it’s not a “Code” job you’re seeking, this skill can make the difference between landing a gig and wishing you had […]

Not A Boring Blog Update, 1

A collection of the more interesting news and notes from across the interwebs. Peruse… discuss… share… #Tech It looks like the Swiss are flying into position with drones before many in the rest of the world. Check out this from Gizmodo: “@Gizmodo: Drone delivery services might hit the Swiss Alps first: http://t.co/Z8UN86rs1l pic.twitter.com/1iVWKMwoFP“ — SinglePoint […]