Not A Boring Blog Update: ‘Twas 2 Weeks Before Christmas Edition

‘Twas two weeks before Christmas, time for a blog that’s not like the other stuff.
All sorts of news and notes about great gifts and gadgets, bitcoin and robots, and jobs (of course there’s also fluff).
Enjoy this special edition of our Not a Boring Blog Update:

The world is talking about Bitcoin right now. Here’s Peter TChir of Forbes looking at futures:


Here’s CNN International looking at how the Chicago Board Options Exchange is starting to trade Bitcoin Futures:

With only 2 weeks until Santa Claus makes his rounds, CNET is looking at the best Wearable Tech on the market for the gadget-lover on your list:

Best Wearable Tech of 2017

We have a great career opportunity for a PPC Media Buyer. This tech gig is in near Salt Lake City, UT. Click on the pic for the full ad & where to apply.

PPC Media Buyer

Because we can’t resist a good robot video, check out this tweet by Caroline Higgins:

Database Design and JavaScript skills are needed for this Software Architect job. Click on the pic for all of the career “must haves”.

Software Architect

Jennifer Jolly from USA TODAY says she can’t live without these tech gadgets. Are they on your wish list too?

These are the 2017 tech gadgets I just couldn’t live without

Nothing is more “lump of coal in your stocking” than that holiday party conversation about how you’re looking for a new job but just haven’t landed the right gig. Here’s great advice to have a job search worry free holiday from top recruiters.

How to Have A Job Search Worry-free Holiday