Not A Boring Blog Update, New Year’s Tech and “Stuff” Edition

Soon the ball will drop, resolutions will crash (before they can even get started) and we’ll get into a 2018 routine. But let’s take a few moments to check out the cool backstory for the biggest New Year’s Eve tradition, some Times Square Tech and why making a job search your New Year’s Resolution is a not so great idea. Here’s the latest edition of our “Not A Boring Blog”.

Did you know that the original New Year’s Eve ball drop was more than a publicity stunt, Time Magazine has the story about keeping time with the tradition.

The Surprising Origins of the New Year’s Eve Ball Drop Tradition via @Time

Screenshot 2017-12-28 at 1.34.38 AM

The ball used today includes 2,688 Waterford Crystal triangles bolted to 672 LED modules. Here are the official stats:

One of the earliest public time signals still stands in England: Here’s the ball in Greenwich

Artkraft Strauss made the original Times Square Ball. The company’s use of cutting edge tech made it a legend in advertising. Check out this cool video of some of their iconic signs:

Check out this great opportunity for a PPC Media Buyer: Hiring in Utah.

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USA Today shows other weird things that drop on New Year’s Eve.

…and in Sarasota, FL they drop a pineapple.

For many, the annual fireworks in Sydney, Australia are bucket list event. Here’s a look at what you need to know this year via @Telegraph:

Landing a new gig is a common New Year’s Resolution, but should it be? A top tech recruiter answers the question in this must read career advice.

New Year's Resolutions just don't update 2018