Not A Boring Blog Update, 6


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#Robotronica in Australia introduced the world to the robots of the future. Here’s coverage from ABC News:

One of the coolest demonstrations came from a drummer with a #robotic prosthetic arm:


@Gizmodo has a look at the next generation of #Android Wear smartwatches is here:


Some of the best companies in the wearable tech industry rely upon us to find them great talent. Click on the pic to learn:



Here’s a great gig in #Arizona. Click the pic for details on this #Java Developer job we’re filling:

Java Devloper


Have you seen this crazy car? It’s the French made electric #Swincar Spider:

If that video was enough to get you interested, check out their website HERE.


The UK is preparing to test roads that will charge electric cars as they drive:


Do you know a talented #Problem Mgmt Analyst? Have them check out this gig. Click on the pic for full details and a way to apply. The job is in Tuscaloosa, Falling Waters or Salt Lake City.



We found a really clever #Vine filmmaker with a knack for crazy stop motion animation. Check out this unique “app glitch”:


Check out The Top 5 Ways to Get your Resume Noticed: