The SPS Technology Team serves the ever changing needs of the dynamic and fast changing IT industry. From Silicon valley giants to single garage start-ups, our professional Recruiting team has assisted our clients identify, qualify and hire some of the top technical talent in the US. Our database is full of technical talent working in bleeding edge technologies as well as the traditional technologies that have built industries.

Below is a sample of the professional Technology based positions our team has worked with and recruited over the years:

  •  Software Programmer
  •  Security Analyst
  •  Web Developer
  •  Project Manager
  •  Web Designer
  •  Project Coordinator
  •  Web Architect
  •  ERP Specialist
  •  Database Administrator
  •  Business Analyst
  •  Network Engineer
  •  Systems Administrator

Let us know the skill or expertise your team or project needs and our Recruiters will qualify your next great Technology Specialist.