How to Have A Job Search Worry-free Holiday

It’s only natural to stress about landing a new gig in the new year, so here’s advice on how to avoid ruining your holiday break worrying about how to get ahead with your job search.

‘Twere the days after Christmas,

the eggnog all drunk.

Great presents they sat unwrapped,

but your full thoughts they just stunk;

Thinking and dreaming of landing a new job,

hoping and praying someone will notice above.

But alas your current higher-ups

so set in their ways,

they don’t see your vision, your skill worthy of opportunity and praise.  

Those qualities, that passion you bring to your career,

deep in your heart you know the end of working for them must be near.

In 2016 you’ll find a great gig and move on from this you’ve outgrown;

A true opportunity, a role you can’t wait to own.

So if this holiday season you’re stuck in a funk,

thinking of a job search until you’ve thought all you can thunk;

Be sure to spend a moment at our career page of listings,

we have tech jobs galore all ripe for your picking.

Apply, let us know what it is you desire.

Peruse our advice blogs that’ll help you get hired.

Then take a few moments and breathe a deep breath;

Enjoy those new presents, the sights and sounds of what’s left

of this holiday season so important to embrace,

leave us to worry about getting you ahead in the race

that you’ve been running and stressing about all along,

soon 2015 will be distant; A memory gone.

The future is waiting and we’re waiting too,

can’t wait to learn more about how we can help you!

The link below gets the ball rolling;

Here’s to success in the new year from your friends at SinglePoint Staffing.

Click HERE to visit a list of our open tech jobs.

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